A little bit about Gen.

Genevieve Joyce - Equine Manual Therapy

Genevieve has ridden since the age of 2, competing in various disciplines, and has been working with horses since the age of 15. She has extensive experience in dealing with 'problem' horses and those with behavioural problems. This background as a competitive rider aids diagnosis of the problems the rider describes, in addition Genevieve can offer advice on training methods and exercises as a useful follow up to treatment.

Genevieve completed 3 years of training in animal osteopathy and a diploma in equine sports massage therapy, She also and regularly undertakes further training Genevieve has recently added a Deep Oscilation Physio Pod to the therapies offered. The physio pod is state of the art technology that uses electro static oscillation to reduce inflammation, improve circulation and speed up recovery of damaged inflamed tissues. The treatment is painless and has proved immensely successful in the treatment of cases such as laminitis, splints, inflamed tendons/ligaments and damaged muscles.

Genevieve works between England, Europe and the Middle East (Bahrain, Dubai, Qatar and Abu Dhabi). Genevieve is based in Staffordshire, and covers the Midlands, Derbyshire, Cheshire, Shropshire, Nottingham and Leicester, though she can travel further so long as there are a number of treatments in the area. Genevieve has wide experience in dealing with performance horses in many disciplines: advanced dressage horses, Grade A show jumpers, advanced eventers, endurance horses, driving ponies, as well as the allround/PC and pleasure horse.